28 October 2019
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Part 4: Reality check

Kate Wilde, West Midlands Stroke Research Network Manager
Kate Wilde, Network Manager

Research is essential to find out which treatments work best. The West Midlands Stroke Research Network supports research in the NHS by providing researchers with the staff and facilities they need, so that more research takes place, and more patients can take part.

It’s important to make sure that research is relevant and applicable to those who matter most – the patients. We achieve this by putting patients at the centre of our work and involving them in every step of the research process.

“The patient’s perspective gives us that reality check and adds real value to the research that we do.”
Kate Wilde, West Midlands Stroke Research Network Manager

By involving patients in our work now, we can be certain that the research we support will benefit the other patients in the future.

“I’m confident that the research that I’ve been involved with so far will have huge benefits for patients once it gets through to mainstream clinical practice.”
Brin Helliwell

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